Alternative Calculation of Other
Post-Employment Benefits
Make Things Easier Simple OPEB Calculations

GASB Statement 45 requires state and local governments to begin reporting OPEB (other post-employment benefits) costs and obligations. The standard allows plans with less than 100 plan participants to use an alternative method for that calculation that does not require the use of an actuary.

All governments with an OPEB plan with less than 100 plan participants must now apply the requirements GASB 45. This includes plans that allow retirees to purchase health insurance at the same cost of active employees.

ACOPEB is designed to provide eligible governmental entities a relatively simple and efficient way to calculate their OPEB obligation and costs. For a slide show review of the ACOPEB software, Click here to download.

ACOPEB also provides a means for other governments to assemble the information needed for an actuarial evaluation, and develop OPEB evaluation information for management decision making purposes.

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